Super 6: A Historic Milestone for Sitting Volleyball in France

From June 11 to 15, the city of Nancy, France, hosted a memorable event for sitting volleyball: the Super 6. This international tournament, which brought together some of the best teams in the world, stood out not only for its high level of competition but also for introducing the challenge technology for the first time in a World ParaVolley competition.


The tournament featured six teams, including three from the Pan-American zone. The performances were spectacular, with the United States team emerging as the champion after thrilling matches. China secured second place, followed by Brazil in third. Italy claimed fourth place, while Canada finished fifth. The host team, France, completed the ranking.


The challenge technology was one of the major highlights of the event. This system allowed for the review of questionable plays, ensuring greater fairness and transparency in the referees’ decisions. The introduction of this technology at the Super 6 marked a significant step forward for sitting volleyball, demonstrating World ParaVolley’s commitment to modernization and sport integrity.


The games were characterized by fierce competitiveness and high technical skill, reflecting the growth and evolution of sitting volleyball worldwide. The participation of teams from different continents added diversity and richness to the tournament, providing valuable cultural and sports exchange.


The performance of the Pan-American teams was particularly notable. The United States showed their strength and consistency throughout the tournament, while Brazil demonstrated their potential and ability to compete among the best teams in the world. Although Canada did not reach the podium, they presented a determined team with great sportsmanship.


The Super 6 in Nancy was undoubtedly an event to remember. The combination of high technology with exceptional quality volleyball provided an unforgettable spectacle for athletes, coaches, and fans. This tournament not only celebrated the skill and dedication of the players but also highlighted the promising future of sitting volleyball.


As the sport continues to grow and develop, events like the Super 6 play a crucial role in promoting and popularizing sitting volleyball around the world. ParaVolley PanAmerica is proud to be part of this history and will continue to support and encourage the participation of its teams in international competitions, always aiming to elevate the level of the sport and provide unforgettable experiences for all involved.