**USA Sitting Division Shines at the USA OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS**

The USA Sitting Division showcased exceptional talent and sportsmanship during the USA OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS held on May 27-28, 2024, in Columbus, Ohio. This event brought together top sitting volleyball teams from across the country to compete in a thrilling display of skill and determination. Below are the final standings from this prestigious competition:

1. **Powered by Ibuprofen (SO)**
2. **Dimes (NC)**
3. **Oklahoma Stunners (OK)**
4. **Flower Power (LS)**
5. **Sitting Pretty (OK)**
6. **SNTDP Mizuno (OK)**
7. **NorCal (NC)**
8. **Serves You Right (IM)**
9. **Limitless (FL)**

A huge congratulations to all the teams for their outstanding performances. Each team displayed incredible dedication and competitive spirit throughout the tournament, making it a memorable event for all participants and spectators alike.

Special recognition goes to the officials who ensured the matches ran smoothly and fairly. Their hard work and commitment were instrumental in the success of the event. It’s worth noting that all officials working the sitting division, except for Thang and Joe, had attended the sitting volleyball endorsement program last year in Dallas, Texas. This specialized training highlights their dedication to maintaining high standards in officiating and contributing to the growth of sitting volleyball.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved – the players, coaches, officials, and organizers – for making the USA OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS a remarkable success. Your efforts and passion for the sport are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing even more exciting competitions and outstanding performances in the future. Congratulations once again to all the teams and officials!