We want to put out a ParaVolley Classifier recruitment challenge!

National classifiers can only evaluate potential athletes from their own nation. Therefore, doctors and physiotherapists who are working with your national teams are probably good candidates as they know the sport well. However, if a L1 National classifier is working with a National team, they must give up their affiliation with the team if they wish to become a L2 zonal classifier or L3 international classifier.

International classifiers must be independent from working with a national ParaVolley team, so if you know of any medical doctors or physiotherapists that have been involved in or are interested in able-bodied volleyball or ParaVolley, please encourage them to apply for a Level 1 Classifier course to start them along on the international classifier training pathway. It is also very important that international classifiers have good written and spoken English.

Being an international classifier provides opportunities to travel and to meet many other like-minded people. Doctors and physiotherapists who have previously worked with able-bodied teams or other Para-sports would be excellent candidates. Doctors in the Physical Medicine specialty have great skills to become a classifier. Seek out potential candidates by contacting your national physiotherapy association (some have specialised sport physio divisions) or by contacting your national sport medicine association or sport medicine council. Often they may be able to recommend someone or provide a list of potential persons to recruit.


If you know of someone, please get them to contact:

for more information.