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The current World ParaVolley Classifier Training model has three levels of training.  


Level I is a certification that allows the classifier to provide National level classifications as part of a classification panel at national level events under WPV Classification rules.


In order to apply to become a Level I classifier, a potential candidate must be nationally recognized as a practicing medical doctor, physiotherapist or have equivalent relevant qualification.  They must have clinical experience in their work with the impairment types eligible to play volleyball, such as amputation, neurological conditions and other conditions leading to loss of function, range of motion, and strength.  They must also have a basic understanding of the sport of volleyball or have past experience as a classifier in another sport.  Lastly, they must be able to write and speak English.  The candidate will be awarded a Level I Classifier certificate provided they have successfully passed the written and practical examination following completion of the Level I Training Course.



A Level 2 Classifier can participate in International level classifications (with some restrictions) as part of an International classification panel under the authority of a Level 3 International Classifier at World ParaVolley sanctioned ZONAL level events.  To be eligible to become a Level 2 Classifier, the candidate must have a high level of written and spoken English relevant to medical and physical testing, as well as completed specific experience requirements as a Level I Classifier.  The training for a Level II classifier is geared toward classification of more complex cases and gaining an understanding of the protest and appeals procedures and administrative responsibilities of classifiers within World ParaVolley.



A Level 3 Classifier can provide International level classifications as part of an International WPV Classification Panel at any international level event, including World Championships and Paralympic Games.   Candidates are invited to become Level 3 Classifiers based on their performance as Level 2 Classifiers and the need for Level 3 Classifiers from time to time.  They must also have delivered a Level I Classifier Course in their own country or zone, and have been a classifier in at least two World ParaVolley zonal events.  The course and certification is geared toward training to be a chief classifier, with added training for conflict management, team management, leadership, and mentorship.



The PanAmerican Zone for World ParaVolley is looking to train Level I classifiers.  

Interested and committed candidates should be nominated by his/her National Paralympic Committee or National member organization.  The nomination can be made by submitting the following:

  • Completed World ParaVolley Candidate Level 1 Classifier Nomination Form

  • Curriculum vitae in English, including qualifications

  • Copy of professional registration (proof of professional qualification)


Nominations for Level I candidates can be submitted to the Zonal Chair of Classification:

Rolando Borges




In considering applicants to become a Level 2 and 3 international classifiers, it is advisable that those candidates not be part of his/her own National Team contingent, i.e. team doctor or team therapist, in order to avoid potential conflict of interest situations in international competitions.



For further information on classifier education contact:

Jenni Cole, Head of Classifier Education, World ParaVolley


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How to Become a World ParaVolley Classifier